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Entrepreneurship, Success & Perseverance

One of the traits that is required of entrepreneurs is perseverance. I believe it is also a quality that differentiates the consistent winner from the other contestants; the exceptional performer from the average and the successful from the rest.

Wikipedia defines perseverance as a term for human endurance and autonomy. It is the quality that will keep the sales person chasing the opportunity despite the roadblocks, that will have the best recruiters finding those "hard to find" candidates for their clients and will keep companies struggling to be better.

Thomas L. Friedman in his book "The World is Flat" suggests that we (he is really talking about American's, but it certainly applies to Canadians too) are being outworked by the emerging nations. In today's global economy that is cause for concern and I don't think we talk about this enough with young people entering the workforce.

It is through diversity that we get stronger, by overcoming obstacles that we get better at what it is we do. So how do we get people excited about beating adversity, about tackling problems and wrestling through them? Entrepreneurs attain success because they overcome a million and one obstacles to start their business, and in order to stay successful they need to keep winning throughout the life of their company. The joy of winning is exhilarating, the feeling when you have beaten the odds or met that stretch goal is the kind of feeling that truly makes you feel alive!

Today's topic was the product of my rather eclectic taste in music! Reggae might not be everybody's "cup of tea" but every now and then it really works for me. The artist Shaggy certainly has some colorful songs, however listening to his song "Hope" really brings home the power of perseverance, and made me think about life's possibilities when you "go for it".

So my message today, to those who want to be successful, comes from Shaggy! " ... in order to achieve what you need, you can never give up!"