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Should I Apply?

Sometimes we find ourselves in a position where we are unsure about whether to apply for a job or promotion. It could be that someone else is pushing you to apply; it could be that there is another job you would prefer but this one would still be a step up from today!

If you apply with this mindset then you are bound to let that show in your application. Probably the end of your chances!

This becomes a two step process. #1. Get the job offer. #2. Make the determination whether this is the job!

I can just hear my recruiters cringing!

1. If you really have little or no interest in the job then absolutely do not apply.
2. Never apply just for the experience of applying.
3. If you decide to apply, then get in the right frame of mind.
4. Apply as though it is the job of your dreams.
5. Be honest about your fit, but don't sell yourself short.
6. Demonstrate with your experience and skills how you can fit the role.
7. Make your application very personal to this job. Customize your resume to highlight the appropriate skills and experience.
8. Research the job, the company, and if possible any decision makers.
9. Once you have an offer you will have a much better idea of its desirability. Then you can make your final call.

If you don't have an offer then you have no choices to make. If you waste people's time with frivolous applications then you will become known for that. So you have to be careful, but you must always put your best foot forward IF you decide to apply.