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The Importance of Family

I am fresh back from a week in England where I had the chance to spend time with all of my family. It was a hectic week of visiting castles, historic locations, eating too much, occasionally drinking too much and reconnecting with family ... some of whom I have not seen for many years.

Having emigrated to a place thousands of miles from family I often joke that I can remain in favor because I am not around to "screw up" too much! However visits like these also highlight what you miss when you are not physically close to family.

I always try to learn from different experiences and so ... what lessons can this offer?

1. I still think you need to lead your own life, go where you need to go, do what you need to do.
2. When you are removed from family you need to be the one to make the bigger effort to remain connected.
3. Distance does not mean you need to lose the "closeness" with your family. I feel closer to them now than I did 24 years ago when I emigrated.
4. A strong family unit has incredible power and they will always be there for you.
5. If you have, or even if you can build, a strong bond with family it complements all aspects of your life. I don't think you can feel totally happy, fulfilled or content if any aspect of your life is not good.
6. The best way to receive anything, is to give. Steven Covey talks about the emotional bank account where you need to make deposits regularly and think carefully about making withdrawals!

Family is one aspect in everybody's life and like every other aspect the more you put into it, the more you will get back. Make the effort and see what results you can get!