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The Same Lessons Over Again!

I consider myself to be a very positive person, I'm generally in a good mood, I like a laugh and I try to bring levity to everyday life! However, a good friend of mine recently commented that she preferred my blogs when they were positive. This caught me a little by surprise because I thought my blog was positive, however as she pointed out I sometimes can focus on negative traits that people exhibit!

Dang ... I hate it when I do that! There are always many ways to look at things and I do believe that the positive perspective is more powerful. People will relate more and the message will be heard. I'm the "Walk Fast and Smile" guy, so you would think I would not need to be reminded, which got me thinking!

I guess there is a powerful lesson in that for all of us, in addition to the obvious "Be Positive" message. That is the need to be constantly vigilant that we are applying life's lessons, and not forgetting them! It is very normal to learn good lessons, apply them for a long time and then slip under pressure, or because of monotony, or because it has been a while since we learned that lesson.

There are many examples, one sales related situation that I have found myself in is the classic no preparation before a meeting! You know how it goes ... I have been in sales a long time, so I can wing it. I have been in the staffing industry a long time ... so I know it. I can be meeting people that I know ... so no need to prepare! Have any of you fallen into those traps? They are deadly!

We learn early in sales about the need for preparation and so often we forget that lesson!

Another classic example is in our relationships. We forget to work at them! We take our partner for granted, we forget to do special things for them! We take our friends for granted and don't make them feel special. We take our coworkers for granted and make them feel unappreciated.

We all know that relationships need TLC, and yet we nearly all forget! Do we need to relearn the lessons again and again?

So ... lesson for the day! Experience comes through effort and sometimes pain ... so don't forget what you know!!!!