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Tom Peters, Douglas Kennedy and ... Kevin Dee(?)

One of the blogs that I am fond of visiting, as referred by my friend Fakhera, belongs to Tom Peters who authored the book "In Search of Excellence". Tom still lectures on the subject of excellence and is as passionate as ever!

Today I read one of his blogs titled Desktop Madness that caught my attention. He referred to three quotes from a book he has just read ... State of the Union by Douglas Kennedy.

The quotations were:

"We make our own traps";
"We construct our own cage"; and
"We build our own roadblocks" ;

... and Tom was so taken with these quotes that he posted them on the background of his desktop.

I think back to a blog I wrote a few weeks ago about the need to look at things positively and maybe I would create the following list ...

"We can define our own borders";
"We are the architects of our own destiny"
"Only we can define how far we will go".

Something to think about for sure!