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Attitude .. The Answer!

For some months I have been writing this blog and passing along tidbits of information that I think will be of interest. If I could replace almost all of the advice here it would be with the comment that attitude is what really counts! If you have the right attitude then the little things will fall into place. But what does that mean? How do you know you have the right attitude? What if I think I have a great attitude and others don’t see it?

A great attitude to me means …

– A selfless approach to life;
– Putting others interests before your own;
– Always being willing to jump in;
– Coming to the table with answers and suggestions … not problems;
– Smiling through adversity;
– Seeing the positive, even when things look bleak;
– Treating EVERYONE with respect;
-The person that people gravitate towards;
– Never being a negative influence (read sh** disturber);
– Being someone who takes pride in themselves;
– Someone who wants to get better, and recognizes that it will take both work and time.

I could probably go on with those kind of sound bites, but even more important is that a person with a good attitude is usually someone who is at peace with themselves. I’m not referring to religion or anything like that, just that inner peace that comes from liking who you are, enjoying where you are and having a purpose to your life. If you are unhappy in any aspect of your life then it will affect all aspects of your life, so a balance is important.

A quick check around the web finds some interesting reading on this subject, and clearly by people who are more knowledgeable and more articulate than me! This university document talks about the positive aspects of a good attitude. This website for technical editors gives ideas for taking control of your attitude.

The messages are clear … get your head into the right space. You need to work, so why not do it well. You want positive personal relationships, so work on them! You only get one life, so don’t have regrets when its time to leave! A great attitude can get you where you need to go.

PS. To answer those questions:

How do you know you have the right attitude? People will want to be around you; you will be content in your own skin; you will be a big contributor at work; you will see lots of smiles at home; you will actually notice all that stuff!
What if I think I have a great attitude and others don’t see it? You are wrong!

Walk Fast and Smile!