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Book Review - The Rules of Work

On a couple of occasions I have had blog entries that were designed to provide advice to people who were new into the workforce. One of those entries was based upon my own experiences and listed 10 rules. Another entry gave some more advice, this time 11 rules but taken from a book called Dumbing Down our Kids by Charles J. Sykes.

A number of years ago we used to hand out a book called The Rules of the Road, which was again designed to help people understand how to succeed in the job environment, however we have not been able to find that book again. Today, one of our sales guys gave me a book called “The Rules of Work” and lo and behold it is that same notion! It provides practical advice for all those situations that old guys like me forget were ever an issue! Some examples of sections that caught my eye include:

– Dress well.
– Cultivate a smile.
– Be 100 per cent committed.
– Don’t gossip.
– Know when to stay late and when to go early.

There are 10 chapters and each has 10 sections that provide sound advice about how to be successful in a career, as opposed to just being good at your job. Could be a good investment for an ambitious person … of any age!