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Book Review - Time Traps

My book recommendation for October is Time Traps (Proven Strategies for Swamped Salespeople) by Todd Duncan. This is an interesting way at looking at time management for salespeople, but focused on specific common ways that we waste time.

The book focuses in on specific traps and I will address just a few of them here:

The Identity Trap can be applied to most busy professionals who are very focused on their career. They can let their work take over their whole lives, and this is detrimental to all parts of their life. What in fact is supposed to enhance a career may actually hurt it, because we all need to balance our lives (balance is different for all of us).

The Yes Trap. The propensity for salespeople to say "Yes" is astounding! We are so good at saying yes, and worrying about the consequences later it is amazing! Yet the fallout can crush us, and all around us!

The Control Trap. The willingness to take ownership for a task and ensure it happens is a good trait. Taken to extreme it becomes a trap that can kill our productivity as we find ourselves mired in non-productive activities.

The Technology Trap. Of course technology is an enabler ... right? It is going to increase productivity and really help us to sell better. Well newsflash ... sometimes technology is not the answer!

You get the picture. The book has lots of common traps that will help salespeople (and not just salespeople) see the kinds of situations that we create for ourselves, and thus hopefully avoid them!

As usual I also recommend the "Executive Book Summaries" version of the book, a great way to read business books fast!