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How Do You Treat Your Clients?

In a perfect world our organizations would all be extremely efficient, never set a foot wrong and would deliver on-time, under budget every time. Nobody would be unavailable at an inconvenient time and there would always be plenty of resources, to meet every demand, in a timely and effective manner.

We don't live in a perfect world, and yet our clients will always demand a level of service that they feel they deserve. Don't we all do the same when we are the client?

For these reasons I am always very cognizant of how I am treated when I am the customer. I try to analyze whether we treat our clients in a similar manner or whether there are things that we can learn from these experiences.

This morning I flew to Toronto on Porter Airlines, a new airline that is starting with a service between Ottawa and Toronto Island (downtown) airport. They have invested a lot of money into their concept and there are many things I like about their model, including:

- They have good branding, colours, uniform, messages, vision etc;
- They have invested in their training, which means staff do a good job;
- They offer a higher level of service at about the same price point as Air Canada,
- They will keep their maintenance costs down by only having one type of aircraft;
- They will use Toronto Island as a hub, having booted Air Canada (love it).

This was day two of their service and obviously not everything was going 100% according to the plan because we needed to change gate and there was a little confusion. Everybody is new to their job, but they were professional and courteous, they smiled and made me feel welcome. I was reminded of the times on other airlines when things have not gone so well and how those times the staff did not always react so well!

It is early days for Porter and I would LOVE to see them be successful, because I have had just too many poor experiences with Air Canada, and choice is a good thing. But once again that gets me thinking ... and I have to ask myself (and all business owners) some tough questions!

- Are my staff courteous?
- Do we smile and make people feel welcome?
- Do we handle things well, when they go wrong ... as they inevitably will?
- Is my company measuring up?
- What can we do better tomorrow that will impact our customers in a positive way?

Tomorrow there will be more opportunities to "wow" your customers ... will you step up?