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How Do You Want to be Remembered?

Today I went to a funeral for a 93 year old gentleman, who was my good friend's father. Rudy was a humble man who led a gentle life and was a role model for those around him in how he treated others. He was a man who was loved by his family and who provided them with a great life and who was later blessed to be supported by them in his twilight years. He was a man who made a mark on this place, and will be remembered.

None of us like to think about death, but funerals are a great reminder of how short life is, even if you are lucky enough to reach 90 plus years! So ... how do you want to be remembered when it is your time to go? What would you like your friends, family and colleagues to think and say about you? Forcing yourself to think this through is a very interesting exercise in understanding what is really important to you.

Do you want to be thought of as the "good buddy" who was always fun at the bar on a Saturday night? Perhaps as the good father who always made time for his children? Do you want to be remembered as a successful business person, as a philanthropist, as a friend, as someone who had an activity filled life or someone who was very relaxed about life? Do you want people to know you as someone who touched lots of people's lives, or maybe you would like to remembered for your activities with the church, for your ability to provide for your family, for your intellect ... or even for your baseball card collection!

The possibilities are endless, but it is an interesting self examination that may well help you to decide where to focus your energy. I like to look at the different areas of my life separately ... professional life, family life and other interests. I have an idea about how I would like to be remembered in all three areas and that drives my "big plan".

I think it would be a shame for anyone to spend a life here and to not make a mark of some sort! Hope that makes you think a little!