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Receiving Recognition!

Second Post Today!

Last week I had a call from the Ottawa Business Journal to inform me that they would like me to accept the honor of being named CEO of the Year. When you get a call like that I think there are a range of reactions, but I am told that mine was fairly typical. Had these guys gone mad? Surely there must be 20 other people more worthy of this accolade than yours truly! Michael Curran, publisher of the OBJ, explained the process and how they had come to pick me ... and so the logical process started. I talked about it with my wife and a trusted friend and called back the next day to confirm my acceptance.

I think a lot of people have difficulty with praise and, despite my natural extrovert nature, it is one of those things that I struggle with. Over the years I have learned to accept when offered genuine praise, but it is something I have to continually work at and I'm sure it is some kind of character flaw but hey, who is perfect?

I did a google search and found a few articles around the subject. There was some interesting career advice on the subject alluding to low self esteem as being the issue. Those who know me would probably not associate me with low self esteem! There was another article I found talking about how to accept praise gracefully.

I'm sure that for a lot of people this is an academic discussion. "What the heck is Dee talking about? If you get praise then it is for something you deserve ... that's cool!"

It probably should just come naturally, and I can certainly get my head around it, but praise is not something I am 100% comfortable with. I have learned to accept, be thankful and most often not try to make a joke of it.

Most of what I read on the internet had a religious or psychological bent. I think that the common advice to those of you who, like me, have a little difficulty accepting praise is the following:

1. Accept that others have seen something worthy of praise.
2. Believe in yourself.
3. Say "thank you" .
4. The only other thing to say might be how you are feeling ... Wow! That's great! I am excited etc.
5. Then shut up!

OK ... gotta go practice all that!!!

Just call me MR. CEO of the Year!!! :-)