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Salespeople, why do clients spend time with you?

Good salespeople are always seeking ways to spend time with their clients. On the other hand, clients generally are not receptive to spending too much time with salespeople. So what do salespeople need to do in order to earn the face time with their clients?

First and foremost they need to bring some value to their client. What does this mean? It can mean bringing value by virtue of knowledge, it could be by making their client's job easier or by doing work the client would otherwise need to do themselves. One great way to bring a client value is to make them look good.

The salesperson needs to be very respectful of a client's time, and earn the right to come back by delivering for their client. This does not have to be huge deliverables, just coming through on promises. "I will get you that report by tomorrow at 5pm" ... and actually delivering!

The salesperson should truly want their client to be successful, whatever that means. Taking a personal interest in helping a client in their job, with advice, with the best solutions, with contacts and any other help that makes sense will be a great way to differentiate from the pack.

The salesperson needs to listen! Understand what is important to the client, listen to the things that are said and listen for the things that go unsaid. A good salesperson will be empathetic and pick up on moods, on signs that perhaps something needs to be addressed.

None of the above is rocket science, and yet so many salespeople come to their clients looking to take, rather than to give. Like with most things in life ... if you give, then it is likely that you will receive a reward for that, just don't go looking for it, or expect it!