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September Technology Industry News

The following is my introduction to the September Industry News which can be found at Eagle's website. Each month I identify the articles that catch my eye in the technology world and collate them into a "Coles Notes" of technology news for the month. Hope you find it interesting!

September brought news of a couple of Billion dollar M&A deals, with Freescale Semiconductor bought by a group of investment firms for $17.6 Billion and Motorola buying Symbol for about $4 Billion. Business Objects, EMC and Yahoo also made some acquisitions.

RadioShack demonstrated its commitment to its employees by firing 400 of them using email ... nice! Intel, suffering because of a price war with AMD, is planning to eliminate 10,500 jobs and HP spent much of the month in the press because of its mishandling of a leak from its board. Social networking site paid a $1 million fine for violating children's privacy and the owner of was jailed for 87 months for software piracy.

In the US August saw an increase in mass layoffs (involving at least 50 people) and the US tech industry added 140,000 jobs which while good news still lagged general growth in the US private sector. In the continuing fallout from corporate scandals Enron's Andrew Fastow was sentenced to six years in jail and Worldcom's Bernie Ebbers started his 25 year sentence.