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Steve Jobs ... Stanford Speech

Today a good friend reminded me about a piece I read a little while ago, which was Steve Jobs commencement address at Stanford University in 2005. Steve Jobs was one of the founders and the current CEO of Apple Computer, and is an icon in the technology world. In this speech he tells three stories from his life ...

His first story is called "connecting the dots", and the basic premise is that we are the product of our history, and what we do today will shape our future. I was sixteen years old when I left school and went into the Royal Navy. I spent seven years in the Navy as an aircraft mechanic ... I had no idea where my path would take me. I am often asked if I regret decisions that I have made in my life and my answer is always the same. I like who I am and where I am, and that is a direct result of my life experiences so how could I ever regret those decisions? In March I had a blog entry called "What I have Learned about Success", I think some of the sentiments would be similar to Steve Jobs.

Steve's second story was called Love and Loss, and talked about his love for his career (and family) and the loss he felt when he was fired by Apple ... and how he came back. I have written several blog entries along the lines that you need a Passion for your job, about "Life and the Pursuit of Happiness" and others that support Jobs assertion that you need to find something that you love. I love my job, that certainly helps me through those tough days!!

The third story is about death, and an experience that brought Steve close to death (I don't think my motorbike spill really counts) and how that reminded him to focus on what was really important. In July I wrote a blog entry about "Taking Charge of Your Life", in August I wrote about "Living Your Life With No Regrets" and earlier in October I asked "How do you want to be remembered"? The sentiments of those blog entries were similar to Job's assertion that you shouldn't waste your life!

I am certainly not an eloquent person, and Steve Jobs is a man who has created a multi billion dollar organization. I am under no illusions about a comparison! However, we all have the ability to achieve great things in our lives if we are willing to go for it! Steve Jobs finishes his speech with the saying "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish." I will end this blog entry with one of my favorite quotes, from James Dean ... "Dream Like you will live forever, live like you will die today"!