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The Power of Praise

I had a call from an ex-boss today congratulating me and telling me that I deserved the recent recognition as CEO of the Year for the Ottawa Business Journal. Strange as it may seem to many of you, but that really felt good! Here I am this self-sufficient business owner who has been running this company for ten years and I still like to hear that I am doing a good job!

The lesson there is very clear to me. If I have that reaction to positive feedback just how powerful is that for people with less experience? Many managers are quick to give feedback when their people do something wrong ... how many are as quick with positive reinforcement. We all know that "you get more with honey than with vinegar" and yet we don't use that knowledge enough.

All you managers out there, here is a challenge. Find at least one thing to praise each of your staff for, each week ... if you can do it more often, even better!