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Be Careful What You Wish For!

Yesterday was election day for municipalities in Ontario, and here in Ottawa my friend Larry O'Brien was elected mayor. Larry has been a successful business man and his election platform was largely based upon making City Hall more efficient, perhaps even more "business like". This will be Larry's first run as a politician ... and at the risk of telling secrets, I voted for Larry!

However ... I would not trade places with him for all the tea in China!

I would love to see him change things, and focus the city appropriately. I would love to see the local government get out of every business that could conceivably be contracted out. I would love to see the red tape cut back and the taxes held at their current levels.

There is an old saying that says to focus on the things that you can change, and not worry about those things beyond your control. The big question has to be ... can an ex-CEO apply a set of principles in a Government environment and effect the kind of change that is needed?

Every day in the business world, when a successful salesperson/recruiter/executive goes from one position to another, there is always that question about their chances of success. I would bet that the odds are probably close to 50/50. In Larry's case he is moving from one job to another, from one organization to another and from one business to another ... that is a lot of change!

I know that Larry has a passion for this job and wants to affect change, and I would love to see him succeed. It is a tough job to take on but for now it is "Larry, congratulations you climbed a mountain to win this job!" Tomorrow I'll ask him why he wanted it!