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Ottawa Business Journal 2006 CEO of the Year

Last evening I was honored at a gala event to celebrate the 2006 CEO of the Year. It was a first class event, well organized, great food, super service and an opportunity to reconnect with colleagues and friends, some of whom I had not seen in many years. There was also the regret of not having enough time to get around and chat with everyone … I tried!

Being named CEO of the Year is a great honor and I was comfortable in accepting this award only because it is recognition, not just for me but for Eagle, the Staffing Industry and for the charities that need the support of the corporate world.

This kind of event is good news for communities like Ottawa, showcasing companies that have had some success and telling tomorrow’s leaders what the expectations are. Leaders are expected to help their organizations to succeed; they are also expected to be passionate at a higher level, perhaps promoting their industry and their region. Leaders are also expected to set the example in corporate and personal philanthropy, giving back to those in need, because we are so lucky to be where we are.

For Kevin Dee, last night was a win for the Eagle Team … it was recognition that the staffing industry plays an increasingly important role in the Canadian economy … and it was a way to showcase the GREAT work done by the Ottawa Mission and charities like the Mission that make a few dollars go a long way in support of the needy.

A great program developed by the Ottawa Business Journal (OBJ) and executed flawlessly! Thanks to the

OBJ and the sponsoring organizations for making this possible!