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To Blog or Not to Blog!

I have talked to few business owners and executives lately who have asked about my blog-writing experiences and wondered whether it would be a good thing for them.

I have been posting blog entries since January and it has certainly been an interesting experience. I am constantly surprised by the number of people I meet who actually read the blog, and mostly I have received fairly positive comments.

I know that most of the Eagle staff like to read it at least every now and then and partly because sometimes it may give them an indication of my current "hot buttons", partly to see if there is something of interest. So the blog is actually a pretty good way to communicate a common message out to a distributed group of people, although that was not really its intention.

The purpose of the blog was more for marketing purposes, to get the Eagle name out but associated with positive messages, rather than a hard sell. Eventually we will host the blog at our own website and that will help drive traffic to the website.

I don't think blogging is for everyone, I am pretty open and honest about my thoughts on a wide range of topics. This does have the potential to upset some people, and I guess that is a risk you take when you are "a blogger". I don't think there would be much value in my writing sanitized messages about what a great company Eagle is, or some other sales messages. Not all executives like to be so frank about their feelings, so I'm not sure how blogging would work in their situation.

I like to provide help when I'm asked and I also like to think that I can give reasonable advice. After 35 years in the workforce, a varied background and experience leading up to owning and running a company I have opinions that may help others. If someone picks up a tip from a blog entry then I think that is a good thing. So that is a side benefit I get personally from writing the blog.

The only real drawback I see is the commitment needed to keep writing entries, even when it seems like there is no time, and occasionally I am not sure what I should write about. Generally speaking I am not known to be short of a word or two ... so writer's block isn't a common problem.

So my advice to would-be bloggers is to be sure you want to make the commitment, blog regularly, write about "stuff" that people might find interesting and be honest! Happy blogging!