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When You Find Yourself in a Hole ... Stop Digging!

I used to work for a gentleman who had numerous rules that he would "pull out" to match various situations. The above rule is a classic and I have used it myself many times, as it is indeed good advice.

So ... last night I was with a group of senior people that get together for dinner on a regular basis to discuss topical and sometime controversial topics. These can range across a broad spectrum of topics including world affairs, politics, religion, sex and any other topic capable of eliciting a heated debate amongst a group of Type "A" individuals.

This is hard to believe, but it was the topic of Jim Flaherty's tax on Income Trusts that got me into trouble! I am not really a huge fan of politics but the red wine with dinner was excellent! It was the attempt to bring a humorous analogy into the debate that really fell flat. When you feel the air chill noticeably as you speak it is usually a good time to shut up! However good wine, a lively debate and my belief that I could fix this analogy led to some serious digging ... and I knew I was in that hole, but I just shoveled harder!

So ... the apologies went out this morning, and I feel like a bit of a jerk. My friend was very gracious in accepting the apology and after a scotch or two I'm sure all will be good. The group will continue to have lively debate, and I am still welcome (I checked!) so all is well that ends well. However I think I might like to add a little to my old boss's rule ... When You Find Yourself in a Hole, AND You have had a Drink ... be Extra Specially Careful About Stopping the Digging!