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Wow ... lots of visitors yesterday!

I guess the Ottawa Business Journal write-up generated some traffic to the blog yesterday! The writer referred to my blogging "some would say recklessly" ... whoa baby! I thought the idea of a blog was to express opinions, and if they are watered down and wishy-washy then what are they worth?

Tonight I will be at a gala here in Ottawa where I will be named CEO of the Year, hence the OBJ article. It is interesting to get such an award, particularly when there are so many capable CEOs out there. Apparently my reaction was similar to most ... "You have to be joking!" However, they were serious and really the impetus for the award comes from a company's success and involvement in the community. After a lot of introspection I got my head around this award as something that is a good thing for Eagle and for the staffing industry in general.

So ... hopefully I won't make an "ass" of myself at the gala, and people won't take the OBJ write-up too seriously. I wasn't really a "nasty little b******", but I did have an inner city kid's attitude that portrayed that image when it was needed. There really was no switch that happened, and I was not always a motivated person. I can probably point to numerous points along my career that were "defining moments", the journey has been fun and I have learned and grown, (sometimes very slowly!), over a 35 year career.

The other thing about winning this award that I was concerned about is that it would be seen as the "crowning moment" in a career. I don't have any retirement plans, and I have lots of life left in this body. In the words of Bachman-Turner Overdrive (and Al Jolson) "You Aint Seen Nothing Yet!"