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Happy Holiday Season and Have a Wicked 2007!

All of us have talents, some of which we are born with and some that we develop. I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about getting better, about investing in ourselves and about improving those talents. However, it is equally important for us to celebrate the people that we are, to be proud of our talents and to have confidence in our abilities.

Take a few minutes and look at all of the positives in your life, enjoy the talents that you have and be thankful for all that is good in your life. Also take a minute to think about those less fortunate than you ... if you can reach out and help a little, then go for it.

I will be on vacation for a week and so my blogging may be a little sporadic but I will definitely be back in the New Year!

So ... getting down from my soap box for once, to all of you who read this blog every now and then, have a wonderful holiday season and may 2007 bring you all that is important to you.

PS. For clarification ... having a Wicked 2007 is one of those positive British messages.