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Life ... and death.

A close friend of mine lost his father last night, and today I went to a funeral and was reminded about what is really important in this life.

At this time of year we have the holiday season madness. The shops go crazy. People max out their credit cards. Masses of people get stressed out about the preparations for a couple of days of celebration which has shifted from a holiday focused on religious significance to become a consumers paradise.

When someone close to you dies you tend to think about the material things a little differently. Yes, it is always nice to be able to afford "nice stuff", to be able to eat well, dress well and "have a comfortable life" ... but is that what is really important?

I think that in times of hardship or loss we realize just how important family and friends are. You can have all the money in the world, but without friends and family you are poor.

I never knew Jack, but I got a glimpse into his life today and if he was anything like his son he was a great man! Rest in peace Jack ... you lived a full life with your share of hardships and successes, but above all you had friends and family that loved you and that is really all any of us need.