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Make the Most of Training Opportunities

Training is often cited as a very desirable component of any job and often high on a wish list for job seekers. Yet my experience would suggest that many (most?) people are not really serious about making training work for them.

I was probably as a good an example of that as anyone earlier in my career. I would see a training course as a good "boondoggle", a way to have a couple of days away from the office and if it was out of town ... even better!

My approach to the training was to listen and participate during the course, but the amount of content that I applied in my day to day job was typically a very small percent of the material covered. I think about that attitude now and realize that I was really short changing myself and my employer when I did that.

If you approach training with the right attitude then you will benefit way more than the approach I adopted when I was younger!

- It is important to mentally commit to getting the most possible from the training.
- Arrive rested and ready to work, concentrate 100% on the material.
- Take lots of notes.
- Have an open mind, particularly to new ideas.
- Be inquisitive, ask lots of questions.
- Find ways to incorporate the ideas into your daily routine.
- Review the material a week later and answer the question "Am I using the techniques and knowledge I learned in the course?"
- Review again every couple of weeks until you are comfortable that you "get it".
- Set yourself goals related to the training ... and exceed them!

I found a website with some good "study habits" that are reminders about how to study. Some people would have developed these skills at school, others might never have developed them ... but it is never too late!

If you take training it is an investment in yourself, make the most of it!