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November IT Industry News

Each month I publish an "Industry News" update, outlining the news stories that caught my eye. The following is this month's overview of the content and the November newsletter can be found at Eagle's website, but won't be there until later tomorrow (Monday).

Unlike the last couple of months, there was no blockbuster M&A activity in November (no YouTube deals!) although there were still some deals. The content management space continues to rationalize with Oracle paying $440 million for Stellent, EMC continues its buying spree paying $165 million for Avamar and the continuing saga at Computer Horizons saw its final chapter as they were bought by TekSystems. Both EDS and IBM made some strategic buys and Google added a wiki to its web services offerings.

November's news also reads a little like a soap opera with one CEO arrested for credit card fraud, and another jailed for twelve years. Patricia Dunn from HP also had her first court appearance following the recent scandal there. Speaking of soap operas, NTP, who back in March forced RIM to cough up better than $600 million in a patent settlement, are now going after Palm ... one to watch!

There were a number of studies and reports released with indicators about employment trends and IT spending. Generally worker confidence is good, unemployment rates in Canada and the US are low and IT spending is relatively strong.