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Staffing Industry Leadership

In any industry there are companies and individuals that take a leadership role. There are many reasons why they step up to this responsibility, ranging from personal passion or a sense of responsibility to the fact that their role demands this commitment. Industries need this type of leadership, particularly when both internal and external forces cause change or a state of flux.

The staffing industry has been a very low key, service industry for many decades. We have quietly supplied our clients with the people they need on a temporary, contract or permanent basis and for whatever reason, our services have been viewed as a necessary evil! We are viewed as a relatively low value, low margin business with little to differentiate between one supplier and another except perhaps price!

I recently blogged about the value proposition of the staffing industry and I am a huge believer that we can truly make a difference for our clients.

There are plenty of statistics about the impending demographic challenges as the baby boomer generation retires, and there has been much printed about the lack of new grads in technology. There have been well documented shortages in the healthcare profession for many years, and even truck drivers have been in serious short supply. There will be increasing shortages of trades people, and we are hearing that finance professionals are becoming a scarce commodity too. The reality is ... people will be a limiting factor in our economy, and the companies that solve that problem will have a significant advantage over those that wait and hope!

Skills shortages and labour shortages are changing our world! The value of the staffing industry is increasing because we will be supplying the solutions to these issues. The staffing companies that can solve their client's resourcing problems will become valued partners and integral to their clients' success.

This means a few things for the staffing industry::

1. We need to be viewed as "thought leaders" on these topics.
2. We need to educate the world about the value we bring as an industry.
3. We need to price our services appropriately, and stop playing the price game! If we can't make reasonable profits then we can't keep investing in the technology, processes, solutions, partnerships and people that will allow us to deliver in the coming shortages!

In order to take our rightful place in tomorrow's economy the staffing industry needs our leaders to stand up and promote the value we bring; we need them to demand an appropriate return for that value; and we need them to be focused on the positive aspects of our industry!

We have a great industry and this is our time!