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Technology Project Jitters!

Anyone who has ever had to live through a technology migration project will understand the huge number of associated tasks and the project management challenges that go along with that. If you are a business owner then you will also know the angst associated with worrying about the impact on productivity and the potential for disaster during such a project.

This weekend saw Eagle move its mail system off the Lotus Notes environment and into a Microsoft world. Our technology provider has been fabulous, working tirelessly to ensure that the impact on Eagle's team was minimal and that we were all back up and running in our new environment this morning!

The Technical Action Group (TAG), ably run by my friend Joe Stoll has been planning this move for several weeks. Joe accepted responsibility for this project which affects our offices coast to coast and required work at the server, desktop and PDA level. It is comforting when someone like Joe is running a project ... he projects confidence, is always even tempered (wish I could be like that) and works through even the most difficult situations in a structured and competent manner.

I will take a little credit because Joe's company was actually born out of Eagle's environment and we were his first customer. Joe was one of our technical support people who coupled his technical skills with an entrepreneurial drive that has created a great company. So now we have an outsourced technical capability that keeps proving its worth again and again.

Lot's of lessons to learn in this story, here are just a few:

1. Good planning can ease any project.
2. Good communication will keep those "testy" clients at bay!
3. It is still possible to create great little companies in today's hypercompetitive world, and differentiate based upon relationships and credibility.
4. If you need a good tech support company give Joe a call! (416.489.6312 or 877.287.7701)

Thanks to TAG for a well run project and for keeping my blood pressure relatively normal!