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The Importance of Rest and Recuperation

A little while ago I wrote a series of blog entries about the need to stay healthy if you are to be successful in business. I had subsequent entries about diet, exercise and sleep all of which are critical to keeping yourself as sharp as possible in this hyper-competitive world in which we all operate.

Tomorrow I head out for a couple of days vacation, tagged onto a weekend to give a nice mini-break. I think that perhaps one piece that was missing from the previous series of blog entries was the need to get away periodically and "recharge the batteries".

I am probably not a good role model, and I need to try harder! I will have my blackberry and will probably check email for some time each day, but to actually take a long weekend at this time of year is new for me ... so it is progress! I also subscribe to the theory that you can't change bad habits over night, it takes time and a plan to move towards a new model, coupled with a commitment to get there.

Maybe I'm mellowing (OK, anyone who knows me understands that isn't happening!) or perhaps I am beginning to learn from life. Whatever, I am happy to be heading out and this may even mean no blog entries for a day or two ... unless there is easy access to a computer in Nassau!

I do recognize the importance of reducing the stress levels for a few days, and letting the brain rest from the constant decision making and problem wrestling. I will likely get some answers just by not thinking about them for a couple of days!

Athletes promote the need to rest muscles to allow them to repair and I have to believe that the same is true for the brain ... I'll let you know if it works!