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The Season of Giving

I read an article in the National Post on the weekend (also in the Ottawa Citizen) about charitable giving. There were some interesting statistics in the article:

- The average Canadian gives $400 to charity each year.
- Albertans give the most, on average $500 a year and Quebecers give least at $176, which is possibly a reflection of the difference in tax rates.
- The average US citizen gives $900US per year.
- 10% of Canadian donors account for 62% of all donations.
- Research seems to suggest that those who give are healthier, happier, more successful and earn more money.

This is a time of year when those who are struggling will feel it most. It is a time when people could really use a lift, a little bit of a helping hand. There will be a big demand on many charities at this time of year. Places like the food bank, snowsuit funds or any one of the many good charities will be stretched to the limit.

This is also a great time of year for people to give a little ... it really does feel good to help others. Whether it is some money, some time, some food, some clothes or some other meaningful donation it will be appreciated.

My suggestion is to try to give just a little bit MORE ... if you don't currently give anything to charity then give a little bit. If you do give, then try to increase that giving maybe even 5% and it will make a huge difference if everyone did this.

Why not try Kevin's theory that the more you give the more you get! You don't have to bet big on this ... sometimes the positive feeling from helping out can be worth the $50 or $100 you give!