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A Fresh Start

One of the great things about coming into the workforce from school is that you have the opportunity to start fresh, to establish the habits that will support your professional growth for many years to come. It is also a hard time because many new workers have no real understanding of the workforce and school, in my estimation, does a lousy job of preparing you for the real world.

You come from an environment where you have classes that may or may not start before Noon. If you are having a bad day then you don't get out of bed and who notices? You can "goof off" at the back of the class, half listen to lectures, use your buddy's notes and still get an acceptable passing mark. In your university years you can get by with a minimal work ethic, and still show a piece of paper that demonstrates you can learn, and that you did enough work to finish the course.

Obviously not all students are like this, but enough are, and it becomes the grounding for a work life that could have some nasty surprises. Here are a few thoughts ...

1. Learning is a life long process ... let me say that another way ... you NEVER stop learning. Having said that I think a very high percentage of people don't know how to learn effectively, they do not apply good learning techniques in the work place because they left all that behind with their school days. If you are serious about your career then you need to accept that learning is a key part of getting there ... wherever "there" is!

2. Good habits need to be developed. It takes work, learning and commitment to change a habit. So ... if you don't have a "To Do" list and the boss says you really should have one ... are you going to take the hint? Are you going to work at developing that habit? I don't have any illusions about this being easy, but I do know that it is very doable. Many people will just default back to the way they always did it ... and continue to fail! What is that definition of insanity again?

3. A fresh start can happen anytime ... you do not have to be new to the workplace! You can make the determination that you are going to start to change your life today ... now! I wrote a blog entry about goals to coincide with the new years resolutions many people have already forgotten they made.

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I'm thinking there is plenty here to be going with ... and I would be happy to add more the next time I get on this soapbox!