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Are You Ready for 2007?

It is often tough to come back to the office after an extended break and get immediately back into gear. For many people the break meant sleeping in a little, taking more time over breakfast and workouts etc. January following the holiday break brings that shock to the system courtesy of a work routine that is not quite so laid back!

So ... how do you get back into gear?

Here are some ideas for regaining the momentum you will need in this ever more competitive workplace.

1. Deal with the immediate fires .... then step back.
2. If you have not done so already ... set some goals for yourself.
3. Create your first "To Do" list of the year.
4. Look at what has worked well for you as time management techniques in the past ... and remind yourself of how useful those ideas were.
5. Add a few new techniques ... eg. schedule a weekly "goals review" with yourself for 15 minutes every second Friday.
6. Look at your performance review and understand where you might do better ... maybe add a goal in this area.
7. Look at your best areas of performance and understand how you can get EVEN better.
8. Understand how you are viewed by your boss ... then develop a plan to improve that!
9. Clean your desk, get rid of old files/papers/things that just "hang around".
10. Focus on the future ... what could you achieve that would make you happy this time next year?

(PS. These things can be applied equally in your home life!)

Happy New Year ... make it your best ever!