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Blogging Hiccup

After a year of blogging I am currently experiencing a technical hitch! The site that I use for blogging is called Blogger and is owned by Google. It has been a great place to learn about blogging, and their tools have been easy to use.

One of their utilities has been designed to stop the spammers from abusing blogger, one of the newer ways that these "parasites" of the web can get their messages out. Unfortunately, somehow my blog has exhibited some of the characteristics of a spam blog and so it has been locked since last Thursday.

This would be the third regular post that has been blocked, and when the "powers" at Blogger recognize this is not a spam blog all of these posts will be published. Until then I have no recourse but to wait and hope that those people who have visited the blog regularly over the last year don't just think I have given up posting!

It would be nice if I could at least write an email to someone and explain things in a rational manner that could get some action, unfortunately it is all an automated process that can take up to four days! Fingers crossed that today is the day ... I'm getting withdrawal symptoms!