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Book Review -- Dealing With Darwin by Geoffrey Moore

Geoffrey Moore is the author of a number of best selling business books. A couple of his more recent successes were "Crossing the Chasm" and "Inside the Tornado". This book focuses on the need for companies to continually evolve or they will be overtaken by competition.

The premise is that globalization, deregulation and commoditization are forces affecting almost every business. The "survivors" will be those companies that continually innovate to win the customers. These companies will bring "next generation offerings", and they will raise the bar and make it more difficult for their competition to thrive.

Moore's book tells us that innovation is not optional, it is a requirement for survival and he offers some thoughts on the life cycle of offerings. While his focus is more on products than services the same principles can certainly apply. Certainly we have seen major innovations in the services industry driven by globalization such a "offshoring", there have also been innovations driven by the internet (eBay, flickr etc) and even the local coffee shop was revolutionized by Second Cup (and subsequently Starbucks etc.)

Moore talks about the economics of innovation and how it can neutralize your competition's advantages in the marketplace, improve productivity and reduce costs.

In describing how to evaluate the positioning of your offerings in the life cycle he guides the reader in the decision making about potential action points.

Moore also provides ideas for recognizing the types of innovation that will be relevant and provides some suggestions for implementing the strategies.

Personally I find Moore a little academic and very much focused on the product market. His ideas are sound, he tells some relevant stories of company experiences and he has some good strategies that can be applied in any business.

This is a good book to read in the tradition of "Blue Ocean Strategy" and "Blindsided".