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December IT Industry News

This is the rather short review of the industry news "happenings" in December 2006. As expected at this time of year there was not a ton of activity but still some items worth noting.

An earthquake in Taiwan showed the vulnerability of the internet infrastructure, causing damage to 6 undersea cables and resulting in widespread service disruption in Asia. An Accenture study suggests that the focus on cost reduction that has stilted real IT growth in recent years will shift to a focus on value ... three cheers for that! IT professionals are feeling confident about 2007, Robert Half's study concurs that there will be increased hiring in the first quarter of 2007. Another study had the rather discouraging report that 75% of employees are looking for new jobs ... hopefully the sample group are not representative of real people!

AOL appears to be going through big changes, including layoffs and management change which is long overdue at a company that was at one time an industry leader. Sony BMG paid out big bucks for their miscue with rootkits and Cisco is tripling its workforce in India. There were a few M&A deals announced with Business Objects getting into the software as a service business (Cognos next?), Alliance data systems shelled out almost a half billion dollars for DoubleClick's Abacus unit and a couple more deals.

Overall a slow end to 2006, we will all be reading the "pundits" views on the year past and forecasts for the coming year ... I will continue to just share facts.

For more details you can visit the Eagle website where the "Industry News" is published in more detail. This version should be available a little later today.