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Do Whatever IT Takes!

The staffing industry is a fast-paced environment. Our clients rely on us to quickly find them resources to meet their needs; the professionals that work with us expect us to be able to find them opportunities.

In this kind of environment, it is not unusual to see our staff going "above and beyond" their regular job description in order to "make something good happen". Working longer hours, going out of the way to meet with clients and candidates, personally delivering resumes and contracts ... these are all relatively commonplace in an industry that rewards those who are diligent, willing to work hard and have a "Do Whatever It Takes" attitude!

For some time now, Eagle has been preparing for a big technology move ... a transition away from the systems we have "grown up with", to a new state-of-the-art industry environment. For us, this has been a big endeavor with hundreds of man-hours effort devoted to the preparation.

Over the last week we executed on that transition, with the weekend being the primary "cut over" time. Wow! It is an exciting time for us as a company, but also a little nerve wracking for management as we make this move. So ... to have a company with the kind of people that can "Do Whatever It Takes" is a real bonus! The number of hours people worked over the last week was phenomenal and today we have largely cut over to our new environment because of that effort.

I read a lot about the different generational differences, and clearly there are some ... but when "stuff" needs to be done, it is just people that make it happen. Not boomers or GenX, or GenY ... just people! Under this kind of stress you see the mettle of those people.

Our transition saw members of the executive team performing data entry tasks alongside some off our most junior people. When it was time to go for coffees, snacks, meals or whatever was needed, then we all took our turns going. When I looked around near midnight for several days, I saw lots of faces glued to their screen ... "Doing Whatever It Takes".

We are fortunate that we have a team of people who will "Do Whatever It Takes" ... they make Eagle the company that it is!