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Focus on the Important Stuff

The modern world is full of distractions … we are bombarded with “stuff” that will take our attention away from what we should be doing. Whether you are at work and trying to be productive or at home doing the bills or at the gym working out … if you are totally focused on your activity then you will get the best results.

Distractions will have a serious impact on your productivity. Some of the common ones in the office might be …

  • Focusing on the stuff you want to do rather than the “maybe tougher”, but “higher return” activities;

  • The co-worker who likes to chat/gossip/complain;

  • Surfing the internet … reading news, shopping, etc;

  • Instant message;

  • Personal email;

  • Wandering to the water cooler/coffee shop etc.

Obviously some distractions are welcome when we are relaxing, but if you want to achieve something with your day then you need to give it your undivided attention. There is a great deal of satisfaction that comes from being efficient at your job … it sets you up for success in your career, it establishes your credentials with your employers and it just feels good.

So … write down some goals for the day, create your to do list and plough through it! Plan to take breaks, possibly to reward yourself at various points through the day … but don’t get interrupted or distracted from your tasks. Try it … you might surprise yourself!