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I'm Back!!! Blogger Needs Better Service!

Wow ... that was painful! Almost a week without access to the blog because I was incorrectly labelled a "spammer" by an automated tool!

I often write about customer service but I must say this was among one of my worst customer experiences ever.

1. Blogger is owned by Google.
2. They are in the middle of upgrading their environment ... so they are busy.
3. There is no way to get to a person at this company! You can send emails to customer support, you can post blog entries on their "help blog", you can fill out their automated report!
4. The automated tool was VERY quick to call me a spammer and lock me out.
5. The automated tool to fix things was excruciatingly slow ... a week to get a response, when I sent a new request at least daily!
6. Customer service received three emails from me before anything was done.
7. The blog entry was never responded to ... was it even read?

The up side ...

1. I have been using this tool for almost a year and this has been the first bad experience.
2. The tool is free ... I would happily pay if it meant better support. Perhaps there is a business case here for levels of service!

Apologies to all of the blog readers ... I will try to stay online in future!