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More About Goals for 2007!

The following is the coaching tip that I received from Michael Paquin this month. As usual he is "on the money" ... and even ties in with some of my recent posts about setting goals and being ready for 2007!

Happy New You


You certainly have a choice. You can stand still and let life pass you by or you can choose to grow with life. I prefer to grow and continue to become the best me I can be. Make a commitment, this year, to embrace the New You, and create goals that support you in achieving that. You might take up a new hobby, sport or simply continue to develop the skills that you have. The trick to becoming a New You is to always stay in the beginners mind and be willing to expand beyond your own limitations.

What will you do to create the New You for the New Year?

This year, as you set your goals, make sure you include personal growth and development goals. Set your intention to be a New You at the end of 2007