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Negative People

Kit Grant is a speaker that has spoken at Eagle events, he is very funny, he can be outrageous in some of his opinions and of course I like him! He has a regular newsletter to which I subscribe and I thought I would share his views on Negative people.

I had written a blog entry about a similar subject a while back, and that too was inspired by a Kit Grant newsletter!

"Negative thinking always repels; it consistently produces negative consequences." ... Paul J.Meyer.

A few months ago I attended a social event with some professional colleagues and others and was both fascinated and disappointed to listen to some of the conversations taking place. One individual was outlining a bold new initiative that had to date not produced as good a result as expected although it was in the very early stages of implementation.

At least three people jumped in with suggestions as to a new course of action the "risk-taker" should follow including drastically lowering the price point and maybe even abandoning the project altogether. Now I know all four of these people and like them all, but I quickly grabbed the new idea person and pulled him aside to explain that none of the other three would ever take such a risk and perhaps he was better off not to accept advice from those who had never done what he was attempting. If you hang around negative people long enough, you just might start thinking they are right.

It turns out I was too late. The potential for failure seed had a already been planted and all these others had done was to fertilize and water it to the point where the individual did give up on what seemed to be a great idea for his marketplace. You know what? Someone else will come along at some future time and implement the very idea he gave up on.

I really believe it's important to watch who you hang around with. Negative people can be infectious. So can positive folks but they are tougher to find because most people think they are weird or just plain unrealistic. If you have a good idea, share it with a successful person, someone who is comfortable with calculated, determined risk-taking and see how your results will change.