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Sales Success in the Staffing Industry

Every company needs the ability to sell its product or service, and depending upon your environment there are different approaches to achieving that end. In the staffing industry we sell our services to other businesses and the approach to that is really quite clear.

At its most basic level the sales team must find opportunities where clients have a need, and bring those clients a good solution. If the client is happy with the solution then they will buy and we can start to demonstrate why we are a company to work with. We maintain a relationship with that client and over time demonstrate our ability to service their needs and our ability to deal effectively with issues as they arise. The relationship and trust will build and like all relationships there needs to be good communication and an effort to ensure the client is happy.

The very effective salespeople in our industry will build and nurture long term relationships, which will lead to more contacts and more relationships. Over time they build a "base of business" that is a result of the constant hard work and a commitment to service, that client's demand. It can be a very rewarding and well paying career for people who are willing to make that effort.

The ground work for success comes from picking up the phone and establishing contact, and one by one building those relationships. It comes from keeping those clients top of mind and getting yourself to be top of their mind. It is not about schmoozing or golf or gifts or other "old school" approaches to sales. What it is about is credibility, trust, professionalism and a true willingness to understand the client's needs. It is about truly listening and about finding ways to accommodate the client's needs, about helping your client to be successful!

The staffing industry is a great place to be a salesperson. The sales cycle is very quick, the clients need people and you have access to people so if you can build trust, deliver results and provide great service then you will be successful. I think the coming years are going to be banner years for our industry as we are able to help companies meet their needs despite skills shortages, boomers retiring and increasing global competition. I would love to be starting out on my sales career in the staffing industry ... hard work, good time management and a service-oriented attitude equals SUCCESS!

Note to all sales people in the staffing industry ... it starts by picking up the phone and then by getting out of the office and meeting clients. Success really isn't so hard to achieve, but it does take effort.