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The Virtues of a Morning Workout

For many years now, I have managed to fit my regular workout into my schedule by doing it first thing in the morning. Let me be absolutely clear here ... I am not really a morning person! I'm usually the last guy on the dance floor, the last person leaving the party ... maybe even the guy polishing his speech at 2 a.m.

Sometimes in life "the situation dictates the need"! In this case I have found that unless I workout in the morning my chances of doing it at all are slim at best.

I have written before about the need to be healthy if you want to be "all that you can be" (to coin a phrase) in the other aspects of your life. Here are some of the benefits of a workout before starting your workday ...

1. It requires discipline ... if you can force this routine you can do ANYTHING!
2. It is a great way to get the body "revved up" for the day ... burning calories from the get go!
3. It can be a fairly mindless routine, that allows your brain to come alive and be in full gear before you hit the office.
4. When you do arrive at the office you feel alive, ready to tackle anything.
5. Your evenings are free to spend with family or on other activities.
6. If you workout at night your body may have trouble relaxing for a good night's sleep.
7. You can watch the morning news while you workout ... multi-tasking!
8. There is likely less contention for machines at the gym ... I would suggest more people work out at night.

There are a ton of resources that talk about the benefits of exercise. A little looking around the web provides lots of data, information, and motivation. The reality is that to workout regularly should be your goal ... my preference is the morning workout for the above reasons. Obviously your situation will determine what time works best for you ... but whatever time you choose, the pain is worth it! Just do it!