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Third Blog Entry Today ... Just How Bad is Virgin Wines Online Service?

I blogged about my issues with Virgin Wines on the afternoon of Saturday December 23rd. I had just received an email from these guys to say my order (placed 10 days previously) could not be delivered in time for Xmas. I was not happy ... what am I supposed to do for family members across the Atlantic at that point?

Well ... it just keeps getting worse!

- The Virgin website says, "We aim to deliver in 2 working days ... ".
- The Virgin website says, "We deliver over 99% of our orders within 7 days."
- My delivery STILL has not arrived ... 3 WEEKS later!
- Their answer is a 10 pound credit ... give it to someone who cares!
- They miss my family's Xmas, they don't even get there for New Year ... I wonder if they will make it in time for Valentine's Day?
- They say, " ... we have done all possible at our end but it is in the hands of our couriers now". Gotta like that "award winning" customer service ... it is the courier's fault!
- Twice they have told me they will call to discuss the issues ... no calls yet. Maybe they can't afford a long distance call? Maybe they don't know how to make one? Maybe it is their courier's fault!

Wake up Virgin ... the courier is YOU as far as I am concerned. You have my money, you made the commitments, you have not delivered ... so to answer the question at the start of my rant I think Virgin Wines is REALLY bad!

NOTE: The Virgin BRAND is typically a positive association ... now it is a very tarnished brand as far as I am concerned. Pity ... because I always viewed Richard Branson as a bit of a hero.