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What Will You Focus On This Month?

I received my monthly words of wisdom from Kit Grant and thought I would share them with you. You can subscribe to Kit's newsletter through his website:

"Often a recession is all in your mind." ... Anonymous.

That "anonymous" person is actually pretty smart. If you believed everything you read in the newspaper or hear on TV/radio, you'd often think we are all doomed and anything good is only momentary. Well, you probably will die someday; just make sure you don't do it before you leave! You all know the old accountant joke - they have accurately predicted 27 of the last 3 recessions.

I am always amazed at how some people just quietly carry on producing better than average results while others are kept busy coming up with excuses as to why they are not successful during such competitive or difficult times. The ones who are continuing to move ahead must be doing something different but probably couldn't take those actions unless they were also "thinking" differently.

Whether you aim at success or failure, you increase your chances of hitting the target you focus on. Do whatever it takes to ignore the one you don't want and see what happens to your results.

Many people aim at nothing, apparently just wanting to get through another day. They do NOT get what they aim at. Rather, they receive whatever someone else decides to give to them. You see, now it's not their fault, they are just victims ... they were given bad stuff by others. An associate of mine, well-known professional speaker and author, Lee Milteer says there are no victims, just volunteers. Ouch! A little harsh, you say? Maybe so, but pretty much right on target.

What will you focus on this month?