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People that Make Stuff Happen!

I have blogged on numerous occasions about attitude, about setting goals, about being positive and not saying "can't". It is nice when you actually see examples of people who "make it happen"!

Yesterday I had an email from Rich Loen, founder and CTO of a great Ottawa company InGenius. Rich reads this blog every now and then and uses Firefox as his browser. Apparently my blog did not display properly in that environment and links were not showing as they should. Rich asked if I could do something about that. My reply was not awe inspiring, it went something like ..." ... can't promise, we will be moving off Blogger at some point, not really a techie etc."

So what does Rich do? He researched the issue and sent me instructions to fix the issue, that even I could follow!

He didn't need to do that. If he was like most people he would probably have just stopped coming to this blog, but clearly Rich "makes things happen". He wanted a solution, took charge and now he has it.

That is exactly the kind of attitude that makes Rich the founder of a successful company.

It is the kind of attitude that I keep talking about in this blog, and if people "get it" their whole life changes! They stop being "victims'! They take responsibility for making their world a better place.

- They lose that weight they wanted to lose.
- They find the opportunities and win business.
- They find those hard to find candidates.
- They "own" problems and find solutions!

Go ahead ... make something happen! Anything! It is a very refreshing feeling when you realize the ONLY obstacle to your success is ... you!

I'm sure Rich wouldn't have a problem with that hypothesis ... he is already there!