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You Only Live Once!

One of my favorite quotes is from the movie Braveheart, when Mel Gibson tells the beautiful Princess that "Every man dies. Not every man truly lives!" Anybody that knows me has probably heard me say that at least once.

The Bishop of London recently told the Sunday Times that it is a "sin" to fly on holiday, to drive a "gas-guzzling" car or fail to use energy-saving light-bulbs. Wow ... I guess I am a sinner, and in defiance of all of the recent press about the ecology, about green solutions and saving the environment, let me just say ... what about fun?

I am supposed to stop riding my high powered motorcycle! I am supposed to not drive gas guzzling cars at fast speeds, I am instead supposed to drive hybrids (that in my estimation are expensive vehicles that use maybe a little less gas than their regular counterparts) and I should ride my (man powered) bicycle to work.

I certainly understand the issues around global warming and the effect that emissions are having, but a focus on "gas guzzlers", SUVs and those nasty people (like me) that drive performance cars is misplaced. Modern technology at work means that the "gas guzzler" and performance vehicle of today probably emit far less "nasty stuff" than half of the "clunkers" I see every day.

Fun is accelerating down the highway away from the other vehicles ... and please note this is very easily done within the speed limits! Fun is accelerating around tight bends and leaning into the corners ... at the speed limit! Fun is chatting with the gawking teenage kid (or 40 year old) when you pull up in your nice sports car, or on your 200HP motorbike. Fun is feeling like that teenager as you whip down the road on a nice warm Summer day.

Sorry but I work too hard to give up my fun. Go pick on the old clunkers. Go pick on the factories spewing into the atmosphere. Go pick on the landfills of old computers from the hardware manufacturers that don't build recycling into their plans.

This sinner will be zipping down the highways and grinning like a Cheshire cat!