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Book Recommendations ... From Others!

Generally I will recommend a book every month of so, and often the recommendation is based upon the Executive Book Summaries that I receive. This time I am going to "cheat" and point you to reviews by two other people.

1. Kevin Eikenberry a motivational speaker with a blog entitled Unleash Your Potential. I visit Kevin's blog every week or so now and this entry was a book review that has me thinking that I should pick up this book.

Made to Stick ... by Chip and Dan Heath. You can read Kevin's review at his blog here.

2. Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence and others, is a very active speaker and consultant and blogger! He also reads a ton of books and I found this review on his blog that seems to be worth a read!

Tom was referring to The Managers Book of Decencies: How small Gestures build Great Companies ... written by Steve Harrison (an executive at Adecco). You can read what Tom has to say about it at this blog.

So ... two for the price of one, and I didn't even have to write the reviews!