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Book Recommendations ... From Others!

Generally I will recommend a book every month of so, and often the recommendation is based upon the Executive Book Summaries that I receive. This time I am going to "cheat" and point you to reviews by two other people.

1. Kevin Eikenberry a motivational speaker with a blog entitled Unleash Your Potential. I visit Kevin's blog every week or so now and this entry was a book review that has me thinking that I should pick up this book.

Made to Stick ... by Chip and Dan Heath.

2. Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence and others, is a very active speaker and consultant and blogger! He also reads a ton of books and I found this review on his blog that seems to be worth a read!

Tom was referring to The Managers Book of Decencies: How small Gestures build Great Companies ... written by Steve Harrison (an executive at Adecco).

So ... two for the price of one, and I didn't even have to write the reviews!