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February IT Industry News

Each month I collate a summary of newsworthy items in the ICT space from the previous month. Below you will find the "summary of the summary", for a little more detail you can visit the Eagle website where the Industry News will be posted sometime on Monday.

There was plenty of M&A action in February and because I am a few days late getting this out , I am also including the blockbuster Oracle purchase of Hyperion for $3.3 Billion in here, which actually happened March 1st. While nothing else was on the same scale there were some interesting moves ... Google's purchase (not totally confirmed) of Adscape Media is an expansion into a very new area and Cisco's purchase of Five Across Inc, a social network company is also worth watching. Corel's purchase of InterVideo is also interesting as it takes them into the video world to complement their other multimedia offerings. Other than those deals Capgemini expanded its US reach buying Software Architects, SAP bought Pilot Software, EMC bought an Indian company Valyd Software, HP bought Bristol Technology band Hitachi bought Archivas. While all this acquisition activity was happening IBM was selling some of its stake in Lenovo.

While M&A seemed to be the big news in February there were some other activities worth noting. Both Nortel (2,900 people) and Alcatel-Lucent (12,000) announced layoffs in their ongoing attempts to fix their respective woes. IBM continues its growth in Asia and has doubled its Indian workforce in the last two years with 53,000 Indian employees now.

On the security front Valentine's Day brought the latest "nasty" worm to affect thousands of computers worldwide, and McAfee says that 2006 saw 5 times the number of attacks on mobile phones over 2005!

The technology "space" is always good for some news!