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While the Cat is Away

Well ... this cat is heading away for a week's vacation and I am not planning to do any blogging during that time.

Heading on vacation raises the issue that all managers, (and business owners), have when they are going to be away. How will my people react? There are various reactions that are possible. Will they self-regulate and be as productive as usual? Will they take the opportunity to "goof off" and relax a bit because the boss isn't around? Will they take the opportunity to demonstrate that they can be very productive, without the boss around?

My experience in all my years in business is that people typically take advantage of the situation to slack off a bit.

Obviously it would be fantastic if they were to just grab the opportunity and demonstrate their ability to be productive even when no-one is watching. The benefit that they get is a higher level of trust, and the likelihood that management will give even more autonomy, but that is rare.

It will be interesting to see how productive the company has been when we get back ... but for now I'm looking forward to sun, sand and relaxation! See you in a week!