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Your Job and You

Back in the office after a week of sun and relaxation I had plenty of time to reflect and thought it was again time to revisit one of my favorite subjects ... people's attitude to work.

How do you view your job? Is it just a pay cheque, a way to pay the bills and fund the rest of your life? Is it a career, something that you really want to do? Is it a passion, something that drives you and really is what you are about?

When people ask what you do, do you answer I'm a motorbike rider, a dad, a soccer player ... or do you say I run an IT staffing company?

The reality is that society defines us by what we do for a living, and yet for many people what they do for a living is really not who they are.

What is clear is that for a set number of hours each day (8 for most people) most of us have a job to do, for which our employer pays us. Whether you earn $20,000 a year or $100,000 a year those are real dollars that recompense you for doing an expected role. These dollars do fund your lifestyle and so whether your job is a passion, or your passion is outside the job you need to really earn this income.

It is entirely your choice whether you do a good job, an OK job or a mediocre job and very often the only difference it takes is an attitude shift. If you decided that tomorrow you were going to spend 8 hours doing the best job you possibly can, then you would be a very different employee (and person) than the employee who does what it takes to scrape by.

People can always find some reason to slack off or someone to blame for falling performance yet the real reason people don't perform well is within themselves. It just takes a commitment, an attitude shift an recognition that if you decide to do something you can really do it!

If you have to spend 8 hours working anyway, then why not take some pride in your work and try to do your best? Why not find ways to make things work rather than look for excuses? Why not challenge yourself to excel? Really learn and grow and get better all the time ... it's a lot more fun than putting in time!

Why not be your own boss and get yourself to exceed all expectations? It is a very cool feeling to be at the top of your game! It feels good to go home knowing that you are performing well, that you are excelling and really earning your keep.

The following is one of Michael Paquin's latest coaching tips. He is on the money, if you can't really commit then why are you bothering? If you are not doing your best then you are cheating yourself and your employer.

Recommit or Quit

Don't live in what Northrop calls the "mushy middle". Commit to your life 100%. Don't just pass time. Make every moment of every day count. In the end you will be so happy that you did.

What area in your life do you need to recommit or quit?

Today commit to living 100% in every area of your life. If there is an area that you can't recommit, ask yourself what changes need to be made to make that part of your life work for you.