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New to Sales

As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows, I truly believe that the sales career is a great one! Every company needs good sales people and certainly Eagle is no exception. Today I was chatting with one of our employees who is moving into a sales role and then a little later I was chatting with one of our current salespeople who has been in sales just about a year now.

The conversations centered around what it takes to become a successful sales person. If the assumption is that the "candidate" has the right personality traits and drive required for success, there are some other critical things that need to happen.

Work Ethic. It is critical to demonstrate a willingness to do "what it takes" to achieve success. Very often that means "out-working" your competition, but also being willing to demonstrate to the "delivery" side of your own organization that you are willing to work at winning business.

Willingness to Learn. This could be a whole blog alone! When I say learn, I mean that literally as in truly understanding what is needed; truly understanding your company's processes; truly understanding the company's messages; truly understanding sales methodologies ... and being capable of passing a rigorous test on those subjects!

Organization. A good sales person needs to be well organized, have great time management techniques and an ability to organize client information and task in an effective manner. I often credit time management as one primary reason why enjoyed success in sales.

Patience. The natural tendency to want to ACT needs to be tempered by an understanding that it is better to know what you are doing before you act. We have all dealt with "empty suit" sales people in the past and it is hard to recover credibility once you have lost it in this manner!

I can't stress enough the value a good sales person can bring to an organization, but by doing it right from the beginning a new sales person will develop good habits that will stick with them throughout their career. Unfortunately bad habits developed early often remain for life too!