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Positive People!

This is a topic that I have broached previously and one that I am often reminded about ... either from a positive aspect, or a negative aspect. Last year I wrote a blog entry about the affects of Negative People back in July last year. I have blogged about Miserable People ... gosh I must have been having a run of bumping into the wrong types!

Today I want to talk about Positive People, because I had good positive people experiences!

We can all be more positive in our outlook, we can avoid being negative or miserable ... but every now and again you come across people that really exude a positive attitude. They are the people that light up a room, make you feel good and everybody is happy to see. They are people that just don't let the little things get them down. They are bright and cheery, they laugh and joke. They pay attention to people and they don't discriminate in sharing their positive outlook.

These are the people that know everybody, they are nice to everybody and they do it effortlessly. They have adopted a style that is "giving" and positive all the time. These are the people that will make coming to the office fun, who have the capability to make even the "grumpy people" smile, despite themselves!

There are never enough of these people in the world ... but if they can make everybody feel so good, and what they do does not require rocket science, why can't we all try that bit harder to make the place a little sunnier?

Why not become as close to one of those positive people as you can! Make a note in your calendar to consciously say nice things to at least 5 people every day. Make it a repeating entry for a month ... after a month increase it to 10 people! Be nice to the grumpy parking lot attendant, the surly building supervisor, hey even be nice to your competitors! We all only live once ... we might as well make it fun!